By Nam Namwan1, Jun 14 2019 10:23PM

GFE vs PSE explained.

The Girlfriend experience. (GFE)

The girlfriend experience (GFE) is kind of like the perfect holiday you have with your girlfriend, withou all the complications, just days of joy and satisfaction and the big plus is the girls love it as well... which girl doesn’t.. the perfect holiday. Only thing to remember is to keep your reality specs on, both of you.. this is fantacy, don’t spoil it by bringing it into the real world, let it be a Hollywood holiday.. and it usually is.

Imagine the perfect girlfriend.. sucks your cock in the morning, gets up, makes breakfast, does the washing, makes the bed, cleans the room and then brings your lazy ass a beer in front of the TV.. maybe ready for another round with her, That in a nutshell is the girlfriend experience booking (GFE).

You can go out to the islands, lounge on the beaches, play frisbee, go to the pub, go out dancing with your beautiful girlfriend whenever you like, she would love it, nothing better than a nice meal, a movie and uninteruped sex for the next 8 hours.. then sleep until afternoon. It’s the stuff you only see in the movies.. perfect!

And the beauty of it is that you leave it at that.. absolutely perfect. A memory to cherish for ever, before all the usual shit starts, you say thank you very much darling that was terrific, maybe I'll see you again.

What more do you want?

The pornstar experience. (PSE)

We’ve all watched porn and most of us still do, some love it some don’t. But for thse of us that love it, it looks like the ultimate.. if only i could .. if only I could. Well you can! Just book it and do whatever the fuck you like! Film it if you want!

Unfortunately PSE comes with a bit of a price tag, depending on what you want to do, the choice is litteraly yours, no holes barred. Dont’t make the mistake that the girls don’t like it, not all will do it, but those who do .. LOVE IT!

Take it all the way, bring a mate and go wild, or have 2, 3 or as many girls as you like.. straight girls, bisexual girls or full on lesbian girls, the choice is yours, oral sex, deep throat, anal sex, dildos, come don’t come... the choice is yours. A couple of drinks to get into the party mood is advisable but once you get going, there is no stopping, a sexual feeding frenzy!.. but go, go, go go.. and why not? Have it all, simply because you can.

So if you're up for it, bring out the beast in you, get as dirty as you want, come anywhere you want, as many times as you want..

Be a porn star!

By Nam Namwan1, Jun 14 2019 09:44PM

Thai Women, stay or leave?

Ok many people will me callous here... and perphaps I am, but that is the thing about being callous. You never know whether you are or not.

I mean come on guys seriously which sexy young girl is going to fall in love with your fat aging old body in your home country? Not one? why expect it here .... its just another country on the very same planet, it's not a another universe you entered. They see u for what you have, not for who u are , you are an ugly, old, fat fuck and that's what you are; simple as that, teeruck. Not one sexy, young girl likes sleeping with you, walking hand in hand in public with you. They will tollerate you, and they are very good at it as well, but be realistic.... what the fuck does this little, beautiful angel want from you? Every fucking thing, that's what.

Yes it happens all over the world, not only in Thailand, but Thai women are less subtle about it... they will bleed u dry and leave you with absolutely nothing, without batting so much as an eyelid 8 times out of 10 ... once is a fairytale come true and beauty and the beast lives happily ever after... and the other time the poor, fat, fucker fell out the window (Lying dead as a huge ucking door nail and flat as as a flabby pancake on the greasy road below, passers by absolutely astounded by the size of the cirle a man can make when flattened out like that), how? No one knows, poor bastard could hardly fit through it.

My advice is love em.. and leave em, lets face it they are great fun until the money bug rears its ugly head. I've always given them what I think is fair for entertainining a boring old bastard and making him feel great for a while, and treat I them with respect, they do provide an excellent service, do they not. Then its time to leave. They are beautiful creatures... with Gollam inside. Take care guys and dont say u haven't been warned.

Thai gfs are jealous, money grabbing, exotic, beautifful creautures... but once you've seen Gollam creep out ever so slowly .. “ my precious, my precoius.” Its trime to grab what you have left, which won't be much by that time anyway and run, as fast as your stubby little legs will carry your fat arse, as far away from there as possibble .. and for god’s sakes, please guys, stay far away from balconies and very large open windows.